Made in USA Teddy Bears & Stuffed Animals

Shopping for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or a special occasion? An American-made stuffed animal or teddy bear shows a child—or that special someone—you care. So, browse the list below, and find your next Made in USA teddy bear!

Made in USA Teddy Bears & Stuffed Animals

  1. Stuffington Bear Factory — From teddy bears to goats to lizards, Stuffington Bear Factory offers a plethora of stuffed animals, as well as custom options. The factory is even available for contract cutting, sewing, and assembly. Snuggles measures 15″ high while Polaris stands 13″ tall. Made in Phoenix, Arizona since 1959.
    Made in USA Teddy Bears: Snuggles

    Made in USA Teddy Bears: Snuggles (Price: $37.95)

    Polar Bear Stuffed Animal Polaris

    Polar Bear Stuffed Animal Polaris (Price: $25.95)

  2. EmBears — Handmade in St. Lawrence County, New York, EmBears offers Baby Safe bears with embroidered eyes. Or, for children above the age of 3, browse Bare Bears (without outfits). Lazy River Bear measures 16″ tall while Opossum measures 10″ nose to tail.
    EmBears: Lazy River Bear

    EmBears: Lazy River Bear (Price: $30)

    EmBears: Opossum

    EmBears: Opossum (Price: $15)

    You can also work with EmBears to make Memory Bears from a loved one’s uniform or clothing item. For something different, check out the longer-haired, exotic Moon Bears (includes a donation to “Animals Asia to help . . . rescue Moon Bears from farms in China and Vietnam”).

  3. Trouble the Dog — Designed to bring comfort to kids dealing with nightmares, illness, or other difficult times. This keepsake stuffed dog measures 18″ high and is made entirely in America.

    Trouble the Dog Plush

    Trouble the Dog Plush (Price: $39.95)

Made in USA Stuffed Animal Collectibles

  1. Fluffmonger — Not for young children, Fluffmonger’s premium collectible stuffed animals vary in availability. Grab yours while you can! The particular raccoon below, named Skitters, measures 12″ tall and comes with his companion Chompers the beaver. The corgi can be made-to-order in one to three weeks with either embroidered or glass eyes. Quigley the corgi stands at 11″ tall.

    handcrafted in Greensboro, NC, using organic, eco-friendly, and ethically produced materials

    Fluffmonger: Organic Stuffed Raccoon with Beaver

    Fluffmonger Plush Collectibles: Organic Stuffed Raccoon with Beaver (Sale Price: $175)

    Fluffmonger: Organic Stuffed Corgi (Made-to-Order)

    Fluffmonger Plush Collectibles: Organic Stuffed Corgi (Price: $99)

  2. Denizens Plush — Monsters need hugs too! Denizens Plus offers unique stuffed animals from another world (or perhaps a parallel dimension?). Handmade in Winston Salem, NC, toys like Crispus are sure to attract attention on your bookshelf. Comes with his own cape.

    Denizens Plush: Crispus

    Denizens Plush: Crispus (Price: $70)

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