Buying American at Nordstrom

Nordstrom makes it easy to buy American-made products, try them on, and return items when necessary. The online store’s search functionality lets you filter your search down to clothing category. You can then further refine your choice by fit or size. And, with over 340 Nordstrom stores in 40 states, Puerto Rico, and Canada, there’s a good chance you have a store nearby for tailoring and returns.

Here’s how to get started buying American at Nordstrom:

  1. Go to the Nordstrom site:
  2. Search for ‘made in usa’ using the magnifying glass located on the top navigation bar.Buying American at Nordstrom, Step 1
  3. Choose a category from the left menu such as: Women’s Clothing > Coats & Jackets or Men’s Clothing > Sport Coats & Blazers.Buying American at Nordstrom, Step 4
  4. Refine or filter your choice of item (such as Style, Price, etc.) and sort by price, rating, or sale, as desired.
  5. If you want to make sure you have a store near you for tailoring, locate your nearest Nordstrom at:
  6. When you’re done shopping, go through the Checkout.
  7. After the item arrives at your home, try it on! If you need alterations, take the item to your nearest Nordstrom for alterations and tailoring.
  8. If you need to return an item, return the item (unworn with tags) to your nearest Nordstom. Or, of course, return the item online.

Nordstrom was founded in 1901 as a Seattle shoe store (see Wikipedia). With such a long history, it’s nice to see Nordstrom keeping up with the times by offering a functional Made in USA search.

If your favorite online retailer doesn’t offer a Made in USA search function, why not send them a note asking nicely to add this feature?

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What’s your experience buying American at Nordstrom? What other retailers have a robust Made in USA search?

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