The Only Made in USA Flatware

When Oneida closed its factory in 2005, the journey of a new Made in USA flatware company began. Matt Roberts and Greg Owens purchased the Sherrill, New York factory. Producing Made in USA flatware as Sherrill Manufacturing, Inc. (SMI; per Wikipedia), SMI initially made flatware under contract for other companies. However, the road became significantly more bumpy after the 2008 financial crisis.

A Fork in the Road & Made in USA Flatware

After exiting bankruptcy in 2013, SMI closed a factory in Mexico and moved jobs back to the states. The company regained its competitive footing by communicating its “Made in USA” value and selling direct to the consumer.

Now, using the Liberty Tabletop brand, SMI proudly claims to be the: “ONLY flatware producer that strictly manufactures their product in the U.S.A.” After all, in 2016, SMI won a suit which forced 11 other manufacturers to stop using the Made in USA label. Courts found these other companies did not comply with Made in USA requirements (read the full story). Notably, all stainless steel used in SMI/Liberty Tabletop flatware comes from US steel mills.

From Affordable to “LUX”

Liberty Tabletop knows not all consumers are ready to spend top dollar on utensils. However, if you want to “buy it for life” or if you’re a family member or friend looking to purchase a bridal quality set of utensils, Liberty Tabletop  has you covered.

Wedding Registry Ready: Sherrill LUX Flatware

Wedding Registry Ready: Sherrill LUX Flatware (Image Source: Liberty Tabletop)

You can choose from four price points:

  • LUX—heavy weight, special occasion flatware and silver-plated silverware
  • Heritage—bridal quality flatware in a variety patterns
  • Home—traditional American size/weight everyday flatware
  • SMI—affordable flatware in various patterns including the new “Calavera” (skull) pattern

Building your Dream Kitchen?

The other night I dreamed that I dropped my current set of utensils in the garbage disposal by accident. I then splurged on a new 45-piece set of Sherrill Heritage Champlin flatware. Seriously though, I’m waiting for the next big gift-giving occasion to upgrade!

Sherrill Manufacturing Liberty Tabletop Heritage ~ Champlin

Sherrill Heritage ~ Champlin

Visit to the White House & Complementary Made in USA Kitchen Items

During the week of July 17, 2017, Sherrill Manufacturing visited the White House to talk about the fact that they are the only flatware manufacturer left in America.

Owens and Roberts left behind their 65-piece set of the Betsy Ross pattern at the White House, with hopes even more of their product will get there.

Read the full article here: What Sherrill Manufacturing hopes comes from recent White House visit.

Check out the Made in USA List‘s Kitchen category for more US-made kitchen products to complement your flatware.

And, speaking of flatware, are you a Betsy Ford, a Champlin, or a Calavera kind of person?

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