Honest Kitchen: Pet Food You Too Can Eat

Does your feline overlord demand a portion of every meal you eat? Does your canine friend run covert raids on your dinner plate? Well, now you can turn the tables. The Honest Kitchen makes 100% human grade pet food right here in the USA with ingredients from around the world (but nothing from China). Furthermore, their products meet FDA standards for human food.

Human Grade Pet Food: The Honest Kitchen

Human Grade Pet Food: The Honest Kitchen

This means that Honest Kitchen products are produced in a human food facility from ingredients approved for human consumption. So, the next time “the boss” eats part of your meal, you can return the favor.

Of course, this level of quality comes at a premium, as a quick search on Amazon shows. But when it comes to what you put into your body, who wants to cheap out? Not to mention what you feed your loved ones . . .

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