New Balance Custom Shoes: Made in USA

Founded in 1906, the “New Balance Arch Support Company” primarily manufactured arch supports until 1960, when the “Trackster” running shoe debuted (Wikipedia). The Wall Street Journal reported that about 25% of New Balance shoes sold in the US were made in its New England factories. New Balance labels a shoe Made in USA when “the domestic value is at least 70%.” But what really sets New Balance apart, beyond its sizable commitment to local manufacturing, are its colorful custom shoes!

Create your Unique New Balance Colorful Custom Shoes

From the New Balance site menu, choose MADE IN US & UK under MEN or WOMEN. Then, select from Men’s Made in USA or Women’s Made in USA.

Using the US customer website (denoted by the American flag at the top right), customizable Made in USA options appear to be four unisex models: 574, 990v3, 998, and 998 Premium. Two men’s baseball cleats (a Low-Cut & Mid-Cut 3000v3) also offer customization to match team colors. Once you find the shoe model you like, look for the CUSTOMIZABLE icon, as shown below on the New Balance 574:

New Balance Custom Shoes

New Balance Custom Shoes – NB1 574

Click on the shoes to enter the customizer tool. As you can see, parts of the shoe (like “Base Collar”) are selected using the top arrows. Flip through the components, select available colors (not all colors available for all parts), and even add custom stitching on the back with the SIGN IT  feature. Use the VIEW feature to change view orientation or 360 to spin the customized shoe and see it from all angles.

New Balance Custom Shoe - NB1 574 Model

New Balance 574 – Custom Shoes in Progress

Below are a couple samples of the colorful shoes you can make. It might take you a while to customize your perfect shoe. So, be sure to Save & Share or take a screenshot as you go through the various color combinations to make your unique shoe. Amazingly, New Balance indicates that custom 998, 990v3, and 574 shoes are made to order and delivered to you in only two weeks. So, build your perfect New Balance custom shoe, and add a little “Made in USA” to your shoe collection.

NB1 998 - Buying American Blog Fab.

New Balance 998 – Buying American Blog Fab.

New Balance 574 - Buying American SIGN'ed

New Balance 998 – Buying American SIGN’ed

More Made in USA Shoes

Check out my Made in USA List for more Made in USA shoes. Just don’t expect them to be customizable like these special New Balance models!


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