URB-E Electric Scooters for Commuters

Built from carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum,  URB-E electric scooters for commuters are the perfect solution for a short commute. With a range of 16 miles (Sport) or 20 miles (Pro) per charge, URB-E scooters charge back up in under four hours from empty.

URB-E electric scooters fold for carrying (at 30 or 35 lbs.) and stowing aboard mass transit or a friend’s car. Plus, commercial customers can purchase multiple URB-E scooters for guests or employees to run errands,  take a ride around town, or move around a large property.

Finally, URB-E electric scooters are sustainably made right here in the USA (Southern California).

URB-E Electric Scooters for Commuters

American-Made URB-E Electric Scooters for Commuters

But, what does an URB-E “Foldable Electric Vehicle” look like riding down the street? Check out the following video.

In 2017, URB-E revamped its line-up to the current four models (see URB-E announces four new scooter models), along with a major price drop for the entry-level foldable electric vehicle (now $899). To get started picking out your URB-E, use the comparison page.

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