The Crazy Zippo Lighter Guarantee

Superior craftsmanship and materials are hallmarks of Made in USA products. This allows some American manufacturers to offer warranties that cheap knockoffs cannot dream of. The crazy Zippo lighter guarantee is a perfect example!

Zippo guarantees their classic windproof lighters for life. But not for your life. That would be too easy. They guarantee each lighter for its life. Considering that there are Zippo lighters from the 1930s being bought and sold by collectors, that’s saying something.

Zippo calls it their It works or we fix it free™ guarantee. And, Zippo is so confident in their products, they even trademarked the guarantee. In practice, this means that they will even fix a 50 year old lighter for free. Don’t believe me? Here it is straight from the horse’s mouth:

Whether a windproof lighter is five years, 25 years, or 50 years old, it will serve as a dependable source of flame for years to come—we guarantee it!

You would be hard pressed to find a lighter made in China accompanied by such a promise. And you’d be even harder pressed getting the manufacturer to live up to it.

Not So Crazy Zippo Lighter Guarantee

Maybe the guarantee isn’t so crazy after all. Read more about the amazing Zippo lighter!

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