Sea Bags Gives New Life to Old Sails

Handcrafting bags in the great state of Maine, Sea Bags gives new life to old sails. In fact, over 500 tons of material has been repurposed in the past 15 years. And, because sail designs are unique, each bag is unique—sporting colorful letters, numbers, or graphic design elements.

Bags come in various sizes and shapes like totes, duffel bags, couriers, handbags, bucket bags, diaper bags, wristlets, and even wine bags. Plus, totes can be personalized with a monogram or shape or completely made-to-order with the help of a Sea Bags designer.

Committed to Made in Maine & Made in USA

Led by Don Oakes, CEO and a former L.L. Bean executive, Sea Bags is a story unique to coastal Maine. Read more about Don Oakes’ childhood in Maine and subsequent leadership at Sea Bags with this spotlight from the University of Maine.

When it comes to producing locally, Sea Bags takes the “made here” commitment quite seriously. From thread, to the hemp rope for handles, to the sail cloth:

Nothing is imported. Nothing. And that isn’t always easy.

Procuring a Sea Bags tote brings a bit of Maine and a whiff of the sea into your life. Browse their offerings at:

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