Uniquely American Sunglasses and Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses are part of your identity. Why not upgrade to Made in USA eyewear rather than settle for frames mass-produced overseas? Browse these uniquely American sunglasses and eyeglasses.

For prescription lenses, work with your vision clinic to order frames. Or, order online with your prescription. Hint: Read How to Submit a Prescription for Eyeglasses. Prices are full retail, so keep an eye (ahem!) out for sales.

American-Made Sunglasses & Eyeglasses

  1. Art-Craft — Founded in 1918, Art-Craft Optical manufactures dress frames and safety frames in America. Look for the Made in USA label!

    Clubman Art-Rim by ArtCraft

    Clubman Art-Rim by ArtCraft (Price: $156 from Eyeglasses.com)

  2. Kala Eyewear — Find your favorite frame from Kala’s list of models (all plastic frames made in USA). Then, shop locally or online.

    Kala G903-G905-G907 Eyeglasses

    Kala G903-G905-G907 Eyeglasses (Price: $245 from Eyeglasses.com)

  3. Randolph Engineering — Yes, you can be a “Maverick” too with Randolph Concorde glasses. Standard issue to the military since 1982, Randolph is “the only remaining metal eyewear manufacturer in the USA.” Made in a family-owned factory in New England. Many shapes, styles, sizes for both men and women. Check out the RX Frames section for prescription eyeglasses!

    Concorde with Blue Sky Flash Mirror Lenses by Randolph Engineering

    Concorde (Blue Sky Flash Mirror) by Randolph Engineering (Price: $195)

  4. Shuron — Seen on Mad Men and movies, Shuron has been making frames in America since 1865. With a one year manufacturing warranty against defects, Shuron frames are available at various retailers or direct from Shuron via their Special Orders department.

    Shuron Ronsir & Freeway Eyeglass Frames

    Shuron Ronsir & Freeway Eyeglass Frames (Price: $92–$117 from FramesDirect.com)

  5. STATE Optical Co. — STATE Optical crafts “luxury American eyewear built from the ground up in Chicago.” Browse eyeglasses in the Optical section, and then buy locally at a store near you . Or, shop the sunglasses section online for non-prescription sunglasses.

    Wolcott in Redwood by STATE Optical Co.

    Wolcott in Redwood by STATE Optical Co. (Price: $414)

Non-Prescription Sunglasses

  1. ARC-IRIS — With an aircraft-grade plywood core, ARC-IRIS non-prescription wooden sunglasses  are “made entirely by American hands in the USA.” Lenses are Carl Zeiss Sun Vision lenses (not made in USA).

    ARC-IRIS Sunglasses

    ARC-IRIS Sunglasses (Price: $255–398)

  2. EQO — EQO non-prescription wooden sunglasses are made to order in Colorado using recycled skateboards. Plus, many frames are customizable in a range of colors for the outer arms.

    Sycamore by EQO

    Sycamore by EQO (Price: $89)

  3. J. Martasand — J. Martasand touts: “quality American-made sunglasses handcrafted with pride.” Buy non-prescription sunglasses directly from the online store. For prescription lenses, locate the frame you like. Then, fill out a form to get started.

    Mykin | Whiskey | #001 by J. Martasand

    Mykin | Whiskey | #001 by J. Martasand (Price: $185)

More Made in USA Style

Need more American-made style options? Click on over to the Made in USA List!

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