Design Your Own Noble Denim Jeans

As of August 29, 2017, Noble Denim’s Kickstarter campaign has concluded . . . but in a good way! You can now Design Your Own Noble Denim Jeans directly via their site at:

Here’s the announcement regarding the conclusion of the campaign:

We originally planned on using our Kickstarter campaign to fund the new web platform (thanks for all your support!). But we were approached by someone who was so excited about the new DYO platform that they made it possible for us to release the site earlier.

We’re so pumped to be able to release the DYO site right away that we canceled our Kickstarter campaign and made it so you can order your jeans NOW. That way we can take orders and begin making your items immediately!

We’ll still honor all early bird pricing, and we sent along an added discount code to all existing backers. (Noble Denim’s Kickstarter)

Customize Your Noble Denim Jeans

Check out the information below gleaned from the original campaign and other sources. Then, head on over to the site to Design Your Own American-made jeans!

  1. Fit & Size: Pick one of two fits, carefully examining the measurements for each fit on the campaign. Also, refer to Noble Denim’s How To Find Your Jean Size (including the video). Consult your friendly local tailor for measurements if necessary. Choose the Truman Regular fit, as shown in the video below.

    Or, choose the Earnest Slim Straight.

  2. Material: Select one of six materials—an Italian denim, two Japanese selvage fabrics, two US canvas fabrics, or trusty US Cone Mills selvage.

    Choose Your Material (from Noble Denim's Kickstarter Campaign)

    Choose Your Material (from Noble Denim’s Kickstarter campaign)

  3. Hardware: Choose one of five Kentucky-made hardware finishes (or mix and match) for the waist button, fly buttons, and rivets. Choices range from weathered copper, copper, black, nickel and a classic gold finish.
  4. Patch: Choose one of four leather patch designs (using reclaimed leather from TN and Ohio). Or, go patchless.

Noble Denim’s Focus on Quality

Starting with only 12 sewing machines in 2012, Noble Denim has been expanding its denim manufacturing capabilities with partner factories in the US. As noted in the original Kickstarter campaign:

We partner with a variety of small, USA based factories to make some of the best jeans in the world. Many of our sewers have been expertly practicing their craft for over 30 years. We are excited to be able to soon offer an industry-exclusive custom process and product to our supporters. Designed by You. Made in Small-Town America.

Learn more about the evolution of Noble Denim from the following articles:

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