Alden Shoes Made in America since 1884

Choosing a pair of good men’s dress shoes is not easy. On the low end, there are plenty of low quality options for the masochist. At the high end, there are a wide range of pricey European brands. But, did you know some of the highest quality shoes for men are made right here in the USA? The Alden Shoe Company, a family owned business, has been crafting made in America shoes since 1884.

Alden: Made in America Shoes

Alden: Made in America Shoes (Image Source: BAB at Mister Guy Men’s, St. Louis, MO)

Alden shoes are made by craftsmen at their New England factory. Many of the employees are second and third generation shoemakers. While not cheap, Alden shoes are made to last a lifetime. In fact, Alden’s offers a restoration service. For $175, they restore shoes by hand on the original lasts (see the Restoration page).

Other shoes at the $150 to $200 price point are disposable. By the time you have worn them long enough to break them in, it is time to send them to the landfill, buy another pair, and start the process all over again (blisters and all). With Alden shoes, you pay more upfront, but they cost the same as disposable shoes after that since you can restore them. And, you get to enjoy a comfortable shoe that is already broken in and shaped to your foot. These are perfect shoes for anyone who not only values American quality, but wants a product they can buy and wear for life.

For more on the fascinating history of the Alden Shoe Company, visit The History of Alden Shoe Company page.

Bonus Trivia: Alden’s model 405 boots were the shoes worn by Indiana Jones in the famous series of movies. Called the “Indy boot,” you can read more about it here.

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