Walk a Mile in Indiana Jones Boots

Did you know that Indiana Jones boots were made in the USA? And that you can buy them?

Indiana Jones is the iconic American adventurer. So, it makes sense that Indy would choose the best  when running into, and away from, danger.

Indiana Jones Boots - Alden 405 (Image Source: The Alden Shop)

Indiana Jones Boots – Alden 405 (Image Source: The Alden Shop)

The “Indy boot” featured in the famous films is made in New England by the Alden Shoe Company.  Of course, top quality is not cheap—$549 list price in this case. But the price is also a bit misleading. Like their other shoes, Alden makes these boots to last. In fact, for $175, they offer a full restoration service, ensuring that the Indy boot  will outlast a rack full of disposable boots. Indiana Jones knew a treasure when he saw one!

Business Insider has a great review of the Indy boot (spoiler alert: “This $500 pair of boots was the best purchase I made in 2015”).

Gotta Buy These Made in USA Boots?

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Read more on the history and lore surrounding the Indy boot at TheRaider.net .

To purchase the Indy Boot (Alden 405), shop your local Alden retailer by finding your local store. Or, visit an online store like:

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