Iconic American Pendleton Wool Blankets

Pendleton Woolen Mills offers over 300 Made in USA products in its online store. Items include clothing, throws, shams, and, of course, iconic American Pendleton wool blankets. To get started, search for “Made in USA.” Then, refine your selection by Size Type, Size, or Color.

Look for the Made in USA Label

Unlike Nordstrom (see Buying American at Nordstrom), Pendleton’s search does not let you pick a category. So, it’s likely easier to click Blankets & Throws, find a design you like, and look for the Made in USA label. Most Pendleton wool blankets (view all ) are Made in USA while cotton blankets may be, interestingly, Made in Germany. Be sure to check out the lighter-weight merino wool Plaid 5th Avenue Throw in colorful plaids (Made in USA)! NOTE: Cotton and wool blend blankets may indeed bear the “Imported” label, so be warned.

Iconic Collectible Blankets: From Native American Art to Star Wars

Pendleton offers several Made in USA wool blanket series sure to please any tastes. That is, as long as you aren’t allergic to wool! We highlight a few of those collections below. Honestly, there are too many blanket designs to include in this review. So, spend some time to find that perfect blanket to complement your decor.

  • National Parks
    These designs include some of the earliest Pendleton blankets traded for furs in the early 1900s. Named national park blankets include a badge at the bottom signifying the park, as shown below in the zoomed in Yellowstone National Park Blanket.

    American Pendleton Wool Blankets: Glacier National Park Blanket

    American Pendleton Wool Blankets: Glacier National Park Blanket

    Yellowstone National Park Blanket (Zoomed in on Badge)

    Yellowstone National Park Blanket (Zoomed in on Badge)

  • Native American Artists
    These designs feature the work of Native American artists. For example, Chippewa-Cree artist Jesse Henderson designed the Chief’s Road Crib Blanket below. His design depicts constellations in the Milky Way (the Chief’s Road, that is).

    Chief's Road Crib Blanket

    Chief’s Road Crib Blanket

  • Modern Collection
    Designs may be inspired by Native American art, but others incorporate modern design elements such as patchwork or art deco.

    Pendleton Wool Blankets - San Miguel

    Pendleton Wool Blankets: San Miguel

  • Star Wars Blankets
    Did you think I was making this up? No, seriously, Pendleton makes the most fabulous Star Wars wool blankets you’ve ever laid eyes upon. These would be true keepsakes for the science fiction fans in your life. For original trilogy purists, you may wish to stick with the New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi blankets.

    Star Wars A New Hope Padawan Blanket

    Star Wars A New Hope Padawan Blanket (Padawan = kid-sized)

    Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Blanket

    Star Wars Return Of The Jedi Blanket

Even More American Pendleton Wool Blankets

A Bit of Pendleton History

According to this marvelous article, A Kaleidoscope of Color: American Indian Trade Blankets, the Pendleton Woolen Mills incorporated in 1895. By 1896, Pendleton had gotten into the Indian Trade Blanket game, producing designs meant to appeal to Native American customers via trade. However, the mill ran into trouble and had to be rescued by the Bishop family in 1909. Even so:

Oregon’s Pendleton Woolen Mills is the sole surviving producer of the trade blankets that are a fixture throughout Indian Country and the American West.

To this day, Pendleton Woolen Mills is still a family business. In 2009, Pendleton Woolen Mills celebrated “100 years of weaving America’s spirit” including their iconic American Pendleton wool blankets. See the Centennial Celebration video below.

More Made in USA for your Home & Office

Do you need furniture to match your Pendleton wool blankets? If so, check out the Home & Office category of the Made in USA List.

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